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CMI Services: This Is What You Get With Us On Your Team

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Repairing Light Fixtures

  • Replace broken parts that can't be found online
  • Weld broken parts
  • Replace old sockets
  • Re-wire fixtures
  • Trouble shoot light fixtures that are not turning on
  • Re-do the finish it had
  • Add new finish to the light fixture 
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Making Custom Light Fixtures

  • Custom end to end fabrication of any and all light fixtures
  • Custom Patinas, match a patina you like
  • Custom Backplates 
  • Custom Canopies
  • Custom Bobeches
  • Custom Arms
  • Wiring color options and plug options 
  • UL Certified wiring, testing and label certification
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Light Fixture Maintenance

  • We can go to you, to do maintenance on your light fixture
  • Light Fixture cleaning services
  • Touch up patinas 
  • Replace old candle sleeves
  • Clean Crystals 
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Become a Light Fixture Repair Professional 
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UL Certified Wiring, Testing, Certification and Labeling for Luminaires

  • We are certified by Underwriters Laboratories to wire, test and certify surface mounted light fixtures
  • We carry all the UL certified wiring components your light fixture needs
  • We can go to you and wire+certify your light fixture 
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Metal Finishing Options

  • 12 Patina options to choose from
  • Nickel Plating
  • Spray paint booth
  • Powder Coating 
  • Hammered Brass finish
  • High Polish, Satin Brass
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Foundry/Casting for making parts you designed or Replicating parts that can't be found anymore

  • 3D modeling + printing
  • Silicone mold making
  • Investment casting
  • Lost wax casting
  • Up to 36" (after that we can cast separately, then weld together)
  • Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, Gold 
Describe Light Fixture Issue

Step 1

Is your lamp not turning on? Is your chandelier not UL Certified? Is your chandelier flickering?

Discuss Possible Solutions

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CMI Resolves Issue

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Walk Out with Light Fixture in Tip-Top Shape

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End to End new light fixture manufacturing. From Sketch book to Physical Product

  • This is a consultation service
  • Hire our team to go to the drawing board with you, to pick the best way to make your light fixture, reliable design, as cost effectively as possible.
  • We can help you source the best quality, cost effective, reliable components, depending on what you need.
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Want to Learn to Wire Your Own Lamps? Get 1 on 1 Training From Our Team.

  • Learn to wire your own light fixtures
  • Get help sourcing the best components
  • If you can't yet hire a team to do your wiring, do it yourself! save money
  • If you bring your light fixture that you plan on producing, our team can have you wiring it in 3 hours of training. 
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Selling Light Fixtures at a large Scale? We can work with you on industry pricing for production. 

  • Keep your production here in America with New York CMI. Where you can stop by anytime and make changes, corrections or check-in on how things are going. 
  • Fair pricing available for large scale production. 

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