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“We are a high-end custom metal studio. So, we work a lot with interior designers and architects, we have done work for retail locations like Michael Kors, Harry’s of London, Kwiat, and others. The reason for this podcast is that big moves in the Real Estate Development industry effects architects, interior designers, contractors, carpenters, metal studios and others. We want to bring the latest news and decipher how it will impact everyone in the industry, not just one field specifically. There is a good amount of architecture podcast or interior design podcast, but each talk about topics related to their field. I believe that by combining all the impacts in one place, can not only help you in your field but can give everyone a general idea on how everyone is going to be affected by these decisions which can help in growing each community from different field closer.” – Andres

Our Mission

NYC is always a busy city, sometimes it’s hard to get into all the news there is or learn about something you always been interested in. Time is very important to everyone, especially in New York City. As a high-end metal studio, we tend to work with interior designers and architects. With this podcast, we hope to bring a fun weekly briefing on the latest news in NYC Real estate, architecture, design, and trends.

Andres will interview the experts in the field of NYC real estate development, architecture, and interior design. The topics will be the latest news, coming trends and stories about how the best came up in this competitive environment.

Every month in our architecture business and design podcast, Andres will talk about the latest news on architecture, interior design, real estate and the connection between each field. From the latest project released to addressing upcoming trends and rumors.

Our Goal

We will be launching an episode every other week to be able to cover all the latest news in the Industries. We eventually hope to upload episodes every week, as well as, interview many experts in the fields that can help us grasp a better understanding of the impacts they have faced and more! We also hope to be able to cover more than just NYC Real Estate news and cover Real Estate news around the country. Let us know what you think and recent articles you find interesting! Check out Architecture business and design podcast’s Intro episode!

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